Pricing and Payment Plans

I offer flexibility in our meeting times & location. I also offer payment plans to help you achieve your goals.


Initial 20 minute consult with tips and chord charts, inspection of your guitar, and proposed goals: FREE

$30/ Half hour lesson (due at the beginning of each lesson)

Payment Options:

$110/ 4 Lessons (You save $10)

$160/ 6 Lessons (You save $20)

$275/ 10 Lessons (You save $25)

$400/ 15 Lessons (You save $50)

* Payment plans are due at the beginning of the second lesson in full.

I accept cash, check, or Pay Pal.

A special note about pace and long-term commitment, especially for parents:

One of the first questions you’ll have to answer in the beginning of your new rock and roll music adventure is how much are you willing to commit to your dream of playing guitar? How much time do you want to spend learning and practicing each week and month? Maybe you’re raring to go and have put this off for so long that you’re going to give it many hours each week. Or maybe you’re just a casual learner who is taking up a fun occasional new hobby. Once we determine your goals, we’ll determine how often we need to meet, whether it’s every week or a few times a month, etc. I recommend a weekly initial commitment for everyone, just so we can measure your progress and keep working toward specific goals. Especially with elementary and middle school students. Adults may desire to go at a slower pace.

When we first meet, I will inspect your guitar and how you hold it and we’ll talk about how much, if any, experience you’ve had. I may make suggestions about your choice of guitar and even recommend you delay the start of lessons until you can purchase a guitar that is easier to play. I’ve seen many students start and fail quickly because the guitar they chose saved them money but was difficult to play. Every guitar is very different and it’s important that you have one that will allow you to play with ease. I do not provide loaner guitars. You’ll need to make the commitment of purchasing a good beginner guitar so you can work with it throughout the week at home. I can help you with that purchase.

When we arrive at a decision about pace and goals (usually on the first lesson), we’ll write a plan that we both share. We’ll agree on the specifics of what is learned, what will be practiced, what will be taught, where we will meet, and how often. I may have some recommendations for you that challenge your initial ideas. Once we decide on that, it’s time to get started. You’ll be playing music and enjoying your guitar!

What about other costs of playing guitar? Guitar Hobby Costs: I put this together to help you know if this is an affordable hobby for you.

Get Started Today: Contact Me

I have to practice to be good at guitar. I have to write 100 songs before you write the first good one.
~Taylor Swift


  1. sermononthesidewalk · February 20, 2015

    can you teach me to play a specific couple of songs?


    • KtHathSpoken · February 20, 2015

      Hello Kelly, Yes I can teach you to play any song – we’ll be focused mostly on popular music. Meaning, if you are trying to learn classical pieces, jazz, or that kind of thing, I’m not going to be a good instructor for you. I teach people the fundamentals and then we’ll work on learning to play songs by ear – just by listening.


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